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A Remus Lupin fic fest, for fics 20k+ words long
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Hello, and welcome to the Lupin Big Bang, because werewolves need love too!

This is a fest celebrating the wonderful character of Remus Lupin. The goal is to produce long, complete fics, with accompanying artwork, to be posted in time for Lupin's 50th birthday on March 10th, 2010.

We're here to have fun and turn out some great new stories. Won't you join us in giving Lupin the attention he deserves?

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please feel free to post a comment to this entry or message the mod. More info will be given when signups are posted.


1) The focus of your story must be Remus Lupin. Other characters are certainly allowed to have large roles, but Lupin must be a big enough part that the story could not exist without him.

2) Any pairing/genre/rating is allowed, including crossovers, though it must be adequately labeled with pairings (all pairings that are in the story, not just the one Remus may be a part of), rating, squicks, etc. For legal covering-of-butt purposes, the only thing not allowed is sexually explicit scenes involving anyone under the age of 18.

3) The finished story must be at least 20,000 words. It must be new to this fest, never having been posted anywhere else before, and it must not be posted on any other archives/livejournals/etc. until after it's been posted here and the fest is complete. (A post will be made on this group saying when it's okay to post your stories elsewhere.)

4) If you do art for this, the art must at least show that a decent amount of time and effort went into it. Sketches or 'drawbles' are not allowed.


Will Lupin Big Bang have an archive of its own?
It has an LJ group that acts as an archive, but not an archive off LJ, no. This has the potential to change in the future.

I missed the initial author signups. Can I still participate?
Yes. The initial signups are just to get an idea how many authors there will be and how many artists we'll need. If you miss the signups and still want to write a fic for this, send a message to the mod saying you want to join.


October 31 – Author signups begin
November 8 – Artist signups begin
February 7 – First drafts due (this constitutes final author sign-ups, though you should also have added a comment to the sign-up post by then)
March 10 – Posting begins

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